Osage Orange

osage-orangeGeneral:  Also referred to as Horse Apple, Hedge Apple, or Bois d’arc (American French for bow wood).  Found mostly in the South-central United States. Description:  Heartwood is golden to bright yellow, which almost always ages to a darker medium brown with time primarily due to exposure to ultraviolet light.  Grain is straight, with a fine to medium texture. It has a high natural luster.  Osage Orange is extremely durable and is considered to be one of the most decay resistant woods in North America. Workability:  Working this Osage Orange can be difficult due to its hardness and density, though it is reported to have little dulling effect on cutting edges. It turns well, and also takes stains, glues and finishes well. Common Uses:  Archery bows, musical instruments, turnings, and other small specialty wood items. SRH Stock:

Thicknesses:  4/4" and 5/4"

Widths:  3" to 9"

Lengths:  3' to 6'

Surfacing:  Skip planed

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