tupeloGeneral:  Tupelo comes in a couple of different varieties-Black Tupelo, sometimes called Blackgum and Water Tupelo often referred to as Tupelo Gum.  The water tupelo is more localized to the southeastern US where Black Tupelo is more broadly available in the Eastern United States. Description:  Sapwood is very wide, and is generally a pale yellow color, sometimes with a grayish cast. Heartwood is narrower, and is a medium brown to gray. Quartersawn surfaces exhibit ribbon-stripe patterning due to interlocked grain.  Grain is interlocked, with a fine texture. Workability:  It generally is able to take finer details, holds paint better, and does not fuzz up during power carving like Basswood.  Easily worked with hand or machine tools, though tupelo has a tendency to warp while drying, and has a high amount of movement in service. Responds well to power-carving, with little fuzz-up. Common Uses:  Carving, furniture, crates/boxes, and utility wood. Tupelo is a favored wood for wildfowl carvings.  SRH Stock:

We have quite a variety of dimension is slab format.  Just contact us with what you need and we'll get back to you immediately.

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