beliGeneral:  Found in Africa particularly in Cameroon and Gabon.  It is often referred to as a poor man’s Zebrawood as it is has many of the same characteristics and is usually cheaper. Description: Heartwood is a light brown, commonly with alternating darker stripes.  Grain is commonly interlocked, with a uniform medium to coarse texture. Workability:  Generally easy to work with hand and machine tools, though tearout can occur on sections with interlocked grain. Beli is considered to be somewhat unstable with lots of movement. The wood will also react with ferrous metals, developing stains and discolorations. Glues and finishes well. Common Uses:  Cabinetry, veneer, flooring, and interior millwork. SRH Stock:

Thickness: 4/4

Widths: 8" to 14" boards.

Lengths: 8' through 14'.

Surfacing: Skip planed

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