bocoteGeneral: Bocote is native to Mexico, Central/South America, and the West Indies. Description:  It features a wide range of grain patterns from straight to wild, with curved lines and swirls. The color ranges from golden brown to tan to golden yellow. It is a hard, heavy, and dense wood, strong and stiff, with a medium texture. Workability:  Some species contain silica that dulls cutters. On the whole, Bocote is easily worked and machined with good results. Although Bocote has a fairly high amount of natural oils present, gluing is usually problem-free. Bocote turns well.  It polishes well with wax or polyurethane, Yielding a moderately high natural gloss. Common Uses:  Fine furniture, cabinetry, flooring, veneer, boatbuilding, musical instruments, gunstocks, custom pool cues, turned objects, and other small specialty wood items. Also a favorite for turning pens. SRH Stock:

Thicknesses:  Available in 4/4" only.

Widths:  4"

Lengths:  5'

Surfacing:  Skip planed

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