bubingaDescription:  Found throughout equatorial Africa and imported into the US. Because of its similarity in appearance to rosewood it is often called African rosewood.

Appearance: Color is medium red-brown, with lighter red to purple veins. The grain is typically straight. Fine pores are diffused throughout the wood, which often contain a reddish gum. Texture is usually medium, and surface is highly lustrous. It is often found with a variety of figuring.

Workability:  It is general very workable.  At times silica is found in the wood which can be hard on your tools.  It also tends to be very resinous which can complicate glue-up applictions. Excellent polishing qualities. Turns great. Wood with figuring can suffer from tearout during planing and turning operations. Very dense.

Common Uses:  Boat building, fine furniture, tool handles, figured veneer, flooring, tabletops and handles.  Found in some very high end, solid guitar applications.

SRH Stock:  In addition to the stock listed below we have some “slab” stock that can be seen in our Specialty Woods Section.

Thickness:  4/4″

Widths:  6″ to 11″

Lengths:  Mostly 10′

Surfacing:  Skip planed

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