chechenGeneral:  Found in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, northern Guatemala, Belize, and southeastern Mexico, with Mexico being the primary source of most imported lumber. Chechen is sometimes referred to as Caribbean Rosewood although it is not related to the rosewood family.  Also called Black Poisonwood due to the toxic nature of its sap. Description:  wide range of color variation from dark chocolate to light butterscotch colors. Chechen has an irregular grain pattern, and coupled with the color variety it makes fantastic finished pieces. Chechen is hard and dense. Workability:  The wood polishes to a high sheen without effort.  Wood turns darker with age. Fairly easy to work, but tearout may occur when machining pieces with interlocked grain. Glues and finishes well, though because of its density and tendency to split, nails and screws should be pre-bored.  Dust can be dangerous. Common Uses:  Veneer, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, turned objects, and small specialty wood items. SRH Stock:

Thicknesses:  Available only in 4/4"




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