Red Grandis

Red-GrandisGeneral:  Red Grandis is a plantation species grown in Uruguay.  Eucalyptus grandis is native to the east coast of Australia, where it is often known as rose gum. It is a wood that has taken off in Europe and is considered a real, viable alternative to Genuine Mahogany. Description:  As it oxidizes and is finished, the color deepens to a rich red much closer to centuries old Mahogany.  The sapwood is very subtle and is sometimes not easy to pick out from the heartwood.  It is a little paler in color but over time the oxidization makes the whole board much more uniform.  Like Mahogany however, the sapwood is quite narrow and it is easy to obtain 100% heartwood boards. Workability:  It is a wood that takes a variety of treatments well and can offer dramatically different looks depending on the finish used. Common Uses:  millwork, mouldings, furniture, cabinets, and even windows and doors as the heartwood is resistant to decay as long as it isn’t in direct contact with the ground. SRH Stock:

Thicknesses:  4/4"

Widths:  8" to 10-"

Lengths:  Mostly 14'

Surfacing:  Skip planed

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